Table of Contents

Design Narrative The Community Room @ Peer Support Space
Community Respite Center in Orlando, FL
Teaching/ClassWhat is Themed Entertainment?
Course on Themed Entertainment Concepts
Attraction ScriptGrandmother’s Garden
Experimental Multi-Part Immersive Experience
Attraction ScriptChoose Your Trane Story
Edutainment/Brand Experience for Trane Technologies
Trackless Horror/Suspense Ride
EssayWhat Sondheim Can Teach Us About Experience Design
Analysis of Experiential Storytelling’s Similarity to Music
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Design Narrative

The Community Room @ Peer Support Space

A design narrative for the community room at a respite center located in Central Florida celebrating diversity, connection, and our shared stories.



What is themed entertainment

A introductory class exploring storytelling in themed entertainment and how the built environment communicates ideas.

Attraction Scripts

Grandmother’s Garden

An immersive, multi-part experience designed as an educational exercise for Dollywood, exploring how to use flat rides (in this case an Intamin Flying Island) to create more moving, tonally atypical, storytelling experiences that educate, entertain, and inspire. 2021.


Choose Your Trane Story

A script for an interactive brand experience for Trane Technologies Headquarters. As the lead writer I conceived of the overall story, framing, and interactive structure, oversaw it throughout development, wrote the early drafts of all scenes, wrote the final drafts of Scenes 3, A, B, C, and D, and was responsible for compiling the final draft. 2020.




A blue-sky treatment for a horror/suspense trackless attraction. 2020.