Swinging Streetcar Soirée

This was a project developed as part of a dual class effort in Fall 2020. What started as an extremely rough animated storyboard created for a different class project a year earlier was transformed by our seven-person team into a large scale dark ride intended for the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Our team was asked to take a ride through concept, schematic, and into early design development over the course of only 10 weeks.

I served as the Project Manager, Lead Designer, Show Writer, and Animatic Editor.  I wrote the story, oversaw scope, and designed the train station sequence once on the ride and the city at sunset. I directed the design of the rest of the attraction and contributed to the overall layout in addition to setting the schedule, coordinating deliverables, etc.

My teammates were Desiree Almonte: Designer, Researcher, & Ride Vehicle, Maria Darwich: Concept Artist & Post Show Designer, Chase Fiore: BIM Coordinator, Designer, and Drafting Lead, Ashna Jerry: Concept Art & Characters, Derrek Lewis: Concept Art & Presentation Storyboard, and Sara Needham: Art Director, Graphic Design, & Brand Identity.

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Pitch Deck

Swinging Streetcar Pitch Deck


Story & Scope


Schematic / DD Package

Swinging Streetcar Design Development