The Script

Jolly Holiday Script V4 (With SWatermark)



The Location

When I started designing the ride I didn’t really have any particular location in mind, though as I’ve continued working on it I’ve felt that the best spot would probably be the United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot. It would fit perfectly in the space behind the pavilion next to the site of the Millennium Village building.

The Queue

The queue starts outdoors in the U.K. pavilion at Epcot. At the back of the current pavilion more London buildings can be found and an alley forms between them. Walking through them and past Uncle Albert’s apartment we pass under a bridge of buildings and onto Cherry Tree Lane. The idea is that this is a full recreation of the Cherry Tree Lane set as seen in the original movie. I’ve always loved that set and pictures of it – always wanted to walk right on it and this satisfies that urge. 

Through this alley lies Cherry Tree Lane

You’ll walk onto the full set and be in the world. Live entertainment will be present in the form of a one man band in the park. As you walk by the Bank’s house you’ll hear the voices of the domestics quarreling about this and that. Every quarter hour Admiral Boom will launch his cannon to mark the time and cannonballs and smoke go flying overhead as various bits of humorous destruction happen nearby. You’ll finally make your way through the park where you’ll board.


The Vehicle

Your method of conveyance on this one-of-a-kind journey is a unique Umbrellamobile. I imagine it’s a contraption that Mary Poppins herself dreamed up and let’s you ride on the wind. The vehicle is designed to sit in a 2-3-4 configuration.
This is designed to more effectively accommodate parties of different sizes as well as provide better viewing experiences than sitting directly behind another person. The rows are also terraced for the same reason. To accommodate the unique shape of the vehicle, the vehicles are turned slightly inward as they pull through the station. (Not a problem as the vehicles while suspended still have full ability to rotate and tilt in several degrees of motion which comes in handy later on in the ride).

Attached to the front of the ride vehicle the parrot of Mary Poppins’ umbrella sits proudly. This figurehead is actually animatronic and acts as your host, narrator, and commentator throughout your journey.

The Ride

Soon you’re off on your own Jolly Holiday Adventure. Immediately after leaving the station a gust of wind lifts you over the street of Cherry Tree Lane and you’re headed towards the banks house. Just then though the wind changes and you’re blown backwards into the sky. There, you see the sun set over London and come across a gigantic drawing of the countryside that Bert has drawn for Mary. As you approach it, some puffs of colored smoke and it dematerializes right in front of your eyes and a 3-dimensional version appears that you fly directly through.


From this point on it’s a fairly straight-forward scene by scene reliving of the animated sequence. For more details please read the script. The goal is to create a new experience that isn’t a pure play-by-play, but still largely familiar.

The climax of the ride will be the fox hunt and horse race sequence where animatronic horses and riders ride along side you, and even cross in front of you, eventually leading you into a set of speed tunnels set up to simulate a race track. Of course you win the race with the help of Mary Poppins who nudges the wind to fly you above the horses in front of you and send you towards the finish line.Fox_Hunt

The ride ends with everyone singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious before a thunderstorm suddenly appears out of nowhere, causes the all the sets around you to wash away and run before returning you to the park. The idea is the ride is a rather gentle one, with just minor rotation and rollicking motions. The thrill comes from the enormous amount of eye-popping visuals and effects. Flowers that literally turn into animated butterflies flying in the actual air around you (not on the walls, in midair), drawings that just disappear, riders seeing their chalk-drawn reflections in an animated pond, apparently free moving animatronics, sets that can look like they wash away. Characters that literally enter the vehicle. Things like that.