As my background is originally in film editing I have a particular fondness for animatics.. once you add motion, sound, and music to some art or models they just come alive. It’s designing in the 4th dimension!

The introductory scene for Choose Your Trane Story – an immersive brand experience developed for Trane Technologies. This was a collaborative project that I contributed to as Project Manager, Creative Director, Lead Writer, and Animatic Editor. Animatics were created for all the possible scenes in this 14 minute interactive adventure. Please visit the project page to see all of them.

Lobby Rendering: TX Zheng with Sameeksha Bhatia, Show Arena: TX Zheng & Dylan Klimek, Storyboards: Lindsey Ellis, Logos: Halle Garrett, Logo Animation: Branden Tolley. Key Art: Sameeksha Bhatia, Ben Batchelder, Lorie Wheeler. Full voice cast on project page. 2020.
An animatic / sizzle made from schematic models and concept art for a streetcar ride set in a 1920s Art Deco Metropolis. This was a collaborative project I contributed to as Project Manger, Lead Designer, Writer, and Animatic Editor. Graphics: Sara Needham. Concept Art: Derrek Lewis, Ashna Jerry, Maria Darwich. Storyboards: Derrek Lewis. Scenic Design: Myself, Chase Fiore, and Desiree Almonte. 2o20
Fully rendered queue fly-through, queue storyboard, and virtual ride though a massing model with full dialogue and soundtrack for an elaborate e-ticket Mary Poppins ride. Sketchup Model animated in No Limits Coaster, edited in Avid Media Composer. 2018.

Other Animations

The following animations were created to illustrate various aspects of a project in development.

This animation illustrates the guest flow and nighttime lighting package for a quick service food and beverage location. Sketchup Model rendered in TwinMotion. 2020.
A very short loop created to demonstrate some moving elements for a parody of Central Florida Cuckoo Clock. 202o.
This animation illustrates the timing and locations of various show elements for a special effects sequence in an Inception ride. Sketchup Model animated in Maya. 2020.
This animation visualizes how a room transformation effect could be achieved when the preshow room drops to the floor below. Not shown: perforated metal “scrims” would allow the texture of the walls to change as well. Sketchup Model animated in Maya. 2o2o.
This animation explains how a conceptual ride system might work for an inception attraction. Created in Keynote. 2020.
A quick animation created during blue-sky development. The vehicles are capable of placing riders on their backs, which allows us to create a real-life version of the dolly-zoom: seen in such horror /suspense classics as Vertigo. 2020.